A Reputable Breach Of Contract Lawyer In San Diego County

Contract Law

A breach of contract basically means that someone has broken a promise to you. Contracts are legally binding documents that serve all sorts of purposes, such as a lease, business or employment contract, a service contract, and so on.

When a breach of contract occurs, there are many ways that the law can remedy your situation, depending on the types of damages you incur. Many times, you can suffer immediate loss of income, service, or property (direct damage) which then either causes damage to your livelihood or property in the future or causes damage to another, unrelated aspect of your life (consequential damage).

A good breach of contract lawyer has to take into account all of the potential harm from the breach (or breaches) in question. This means interpreting the contract in such a way that the lawyer can reasonably determine current and future consequences and explain them effectively to a judge or jury on your behalf.

The Law Offices of Steven Brian Davis have over thirty-five years of experience serving the community in North County, San Diego as a breach of contract lawyer. We understand that the breach of contract in question may have further reaching consequences into your life than you initially realize. Whether the breach involves a construction defect that damages your home or a breach of a business contract that damages your small business, we are well-versed in representing your interests.

Many who have experience as a breach of contract lawyer understand that protecting your clients’ interests starts with a well-written contract. Often contracts will have clauses that stipulate additional punishments for the person who breaches the contract. As an example, many employment/employee contracts will include severance packages in the event that a company fires an employee, or that a contract employee’s contract is terminated early. The best way to prevent a breach of contract, in other words, is to disincentivize the breach in the contract itself.

An experienced breach of contract lawyer can make the difference in your damages being crippling versus being recoverable. The Law Offices of Steven Brian Davis are adamant about protecting our clients’ livelihoods. Contact us for a consultation about your specific situation.

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