An Experienced Attorney Representing Whistleblowers in San Diego


A person who discovers that their employer is performing illegal activity and wishes to expose such activity, are often called “whistleblowers.” This may come in the form of complaining directly to upper management or to outside government officials who may be interested in further investigating the activity. Unfortunately, whistleblowing often entails harsh consequences — both legal and personal — for the courageous individuals who take the initiative.


Whistleblowers often find themselves victimized by their current/former employers with “retaliatory employment actions.” This includes wrongful termination, retaliatory demotion, or other forms of adverse employment actions. Fortunately, whistleblowers are entitled to certain protections from retaliatory actions.  However, these protections are very limited and difficult to understand. Rancho Bernardo attorney Steven Brian Davis is experienced in helping employees understand their rights and recover any damages suffered from retaliatory employment actions. If you have been victimized by your employer with retaliatory action or merely want to better understand your rights as a potential whistleblower, contact him now.


In contrast to traditional whistleblower lawsuits, where an employee complains directly to their employer and is subsequently punished for it, qui tam lawsuits are brought by the government after a citizen has reported illegal activity to the government official. This is especially common when the conduct involves defrauding the government in some way. Like whistleblower lawsuits, however, the employee often finds themselves the victim of some type illegal retaliation at the hands of their employer.


Attorney Steven Brian Davis is dedicated to helping employees who were unfairly retaliated against for being whistleblowers. If you have been illegally retaliated against or are considering reporting illegal activity by your employer, contact Steven Brian Davis for a free case evaluation.

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