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Employment Law

The California Labor Code exists to define and protect the rights of California workers all across the state. Through its many provisions and statutes, it is designed to discourage and prevent the many ways that employers take unfair advantage of their employees. Nonetheless, employers in California continue to violate the labor code and their employees’ rights on daily basis. As such, seeking the help of an employment lawyer can be the first step towards punishing the employer’s conduct and compensating the employees’ damages. 

There are numerous ways that employers violate the labor code in order to attain a higher profit at the employees’ expense. Unfortunately, the common California worker is unfamiliar with the labor code’s many provisions. Therefore, employers continue to get away it while unaware workers suffer. If you think your rights are being violated in your employment, you have nothing to lose by contacting a labor attorney. Most labor lawyers work on a contingent fee basis — meaning you will not owe any legal fees if they fail to recover anything. 

San Diego employment lawyer Steven Brian Davis has been fighting for California workers rights for over 35 years. Primarily working with wage claims, whistleblower claims, and fraudulent recruiting claims, he has helped countless employees collect damages and assert their rights against scummy employers. For a free, confidential consultation with Steven Brian Davis, click here.

Wage Claim 

A wage claim in San Diego can come in many different forms. Maybe your employer is not paying you overtime when he should be. Perhaps he is not providing you with required meal and rest breaks. These are just two examples of labor code violations that involve an employee’s wages. In either case, the employer owes the employee one hours worth of pay at the employee’s regular rate of pay for each violation. Projected over several weeks, months, or even years worth of continuous violations, some employees may be entitled to exceptional damage amounts. Who better to call than a skilled employment lawyer to start the collection process? Click here for our more detailed page explaining a wage claim.

Whistleblower Claims 

Many employees who discover illegal activity by their employer and “blow the whistle” on them will find themselves subsequently retaliated against. Sometimes, the retaliation amounts to firing the employee. Employers who retaliate against employee whistleblowers are violating their rights and subjecting themselves to possible civil claim liability. Fortunately, an experienced employment lawyer such as Steven Brian Davis can help aggrieved employees in whistleblower claims. Click here for our more detailed page on whistleblower claims.

Fraudulent Recruiting (970 of labor code) 

Some employers make false promises to employees in order to induce them to accept a job offer or to perform their job a certain way. Often at great sacrifice, the employee will accept the job based on these promises. By the time the employee has realized that the job was not as the employer had promised, it is usually too late to simply quit and find more work. Some folks move their entire family across the country for a seemingly enticing job opportunity. This form of fraudulent recruiting is illegal and subject to damages suffered by employee. Click here for our more detailed page on fraudulent recruiting and hiring fraud. 

San Diego employment lawyer Steven Brian Davis is committed to helping California employees assert their rights under the California Labor Code and collect damages resulting from any violations. He works on a contingent fee basis — meaning if he doesn’t recover, you don’t owe a fee. Offering free, confidential consultations on your case, you have nothing to lose by contacting Steven Brian Davis now.

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