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Easing Your Real Estate Concerns

If you are involved with a real estate purchase or sale, you need a San Diego real estate attorney who can help you navigate the terms of the contract and who can handle any potentially damaging issues that may arise. Or, if you are a landlord or tenant encountering issues with a lease or a property rental agreement, then contact an experienced real estate lawyer to help secure your rights and limit your liability. A knowledgeable real estate attorney in Rancho Bernardo, Poway, North County and other specific areas around San Diego is important because there are individual ordinances and things to know in the respective areas that may be unique to the geographic location. With over 35 years of experience, and  over 25 years in the north county area alone, and Steven Brian Davis is a premier real estate attorney in Rancho Bernardo 

Construction Defect

A constructed home may require repairs because the builder failed to perform the contract, was negligent in the construction or is failing to honor a warranty respecting the home. Real estate developers who develop mass-produced homes will be obligated to make necessary repairs when the homes constructed are defective. Read more

Landlord / Tenant

California law is very specific in requiring landlords to furnish premises suitable for occupancy and in the event of termination, to comply with the unlawful detainer procedures. Steven Brian Davis is one of the experienced real estate law firms in Poway and Rancho Bernardo representing tenants suffering injury associated with their home, those tenants subjected to uninhabitable living conditions and those facing eviction. Steven Brian Davis also represents landlords seeking to evict. Read more


If you are in default on a loan secured by your home, the lender can proceed judicially or according to its trust deed. You have valuable rights to avoid losing your home and should immediately contact Steven Brian Davis. Read more

Deed In Lieu of Foreclosure

If you are subjected to foreclosure of your home or other property secured by a deed of trust, a deed in lieu of foreclosure is one thing that may be available to you but there are consequences. Get help and contact Steven Brian Davis. Read more

Boundary Disputes

Boundary disputes arise between adjoining landowners and uncertainty arises as to who owns what part of the property. Ascertaining the actual boundary lines and what to do about it requires legal assistance. Read more

Mobile Home Residency Law

One type of landlord tenancy, the owner of a manufactured home is not able to simply remove his home from the park and move it. The California Legislature was aware of the park tenant’s plight and enacted the Mobile Home Residence Law to protect that unfortunate class of tenant. Steven Brian Davis is versed in the Mobile Home Residency Law to advocate for the mobile park tenant. Read More

Short Sale

If you are in default on your home loan, one option is to attempt a short sale. Few real estate law firms in San Diego and North County represent the defaulting home owner in this dire situation. If this is your situation, contact Steven Brian Davis to guide you through this tough time. Read More

Security Deposits

If you are a former tenant and the landlord has not returned all your security deposit, rest assured that California law is very specific in setting forth the landord’s obligation regarding the security deposit, including penalizing the landlord when the law is violated. If you are a tenant with security deposit problem, contact Steven Brian Davis to protect your rights. Read More

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Steven Brian Davis is an experienced California real estate attorney, mediator and litigator for individuals and businesses facing real estate or rental concerns.

Why Team Up with Us on Your Real Estate Matters?

  • Drafting a proper buy/sell agreement for the purchase or sale of real estate can help you avoid problems in the future and avoid potential litigation.
  • When issues arise between homeowners and lenders or landlords and tenants, we handle eviction/unlawful detainer cases concerning rent payment and other tenancy issues.
  • We can help stop foreclosure, possibly by a deed in lieu of foreclosure or short sale, on your home to preserve your credit standing.
  • On new or existing construction projects, we help resolve disputes in construction litigation for either property owners or contractors.
  • Where disputes occur with payment for construction or remodels, our thorough understanding of California laws (such as mechanic’s liens) can work to your advantage.
  • We can evaluate your full financial position, and counsel you on the best path forward, including when bankruptcy may be appropriate.

One of the Real Estate Law Firms You Can Rely On

If you need assistance with a real estate matter, call an experienced real estate attorney in Rancho Bernardo who knows the ins-and-outs of California’s real estate laws. Contact North County real estate lawyer, Steven Brian Davis at 858-451-1004. We proudly serve Rancho Bernardo, Poway, Scripps Ranch, Rancho Penasquitos, Del Sur, Carmel Valley, 4s Ranch, Escondido, Del Mar and the other surrounding areas in San Diego and North County.

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