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Employment Law

Employment contracts are useful when you don’t have one-size-fits-all employees. While most often these contracts are used to hire executives or contract employees whose terms of employment may be unique to their positions, they also have particular benefits for small businesses or start up businesses. An experienced business contract lawyer in San Diego can help you and your employee to draft an agreement that includes elements that you both benefit from, including

  •      Scope of employment
  •      Hourly wages versus flat fee payments
  •      Stock options versus traditional payment
  •      Employment term (or time period)
  •      Employee pay period, if this person will work continuously with your small business
  •      Employee pay schedule, used most often if this person is a short-term contract employee
  •      Benefits, paid vacation, paid sick leave, profit sharing, or other perks
  •      Expense reimbursement
  •      Noncompete agreements
  •      Stipulations for contract terminations
  •      Severance packages

The Law Offices of Steven Brian Davis have over thirty years of experience as business contract lawyers in San Diego, North County. Because a small law firm often hires outside experts or short-term support personnel, our office understands the importance of negotiating and executing employment contracts that benefit both the employer and the employee.

Small businesses or start up businesses can benefit from specialized employment contracts. A good business contract lawyer in San Diego can advise you on employment/employee contracts that are specialized to the way you want to do business. While many larger-scale companies approach employee contracts with a one-size-fits-all approach, as a small business you have more flexibility. An employee contract can allow you to attract talent in ways that larger corporations can’t.

As a small business, you can tailor benefits packages or the scope of employment to suit your employee’s needs in a way that larger businesses wouldn’t be able to, while also benefitting your business financially. For example, it’s relatively common practice in new, start up companies to offer more stock and a lower hourly pay to new employees. This gives the employee a stake in the long-term success of your small business, incentivizing their work in a different way. When your business is a success, your employees will reap the benefits.

The Law Offices of Steven Brian Davis value long-term relationships with our clients. Our personalized approach gives us an advantage in serving your small business. Whether we see your business through from entity formation to a buy/sell agreement or not, we are always willing to understand the particular needs of your company and to help negotiate beneficial employee contracts on behalf of your business.

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