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If you have made the decision to go through with a divorce or legal separation, there are a number of additional items that you should probably be thinking about. During this emotional and trying time, it is critical that you understand all of the options for any decision you make, because what you decide to do now will impact the rest of your life, and more importantly the lives of your children. By turning to the Law Offices of Steven Brian Davis, 35 years practicing family law in San Diego, a clear direction, grounded in sound reasoning will be established to help you meet your goals for the future.

The Law Offices of Steven Brian Davis will help you define the approach needed to protect your rights in divorce, child custody, child support, property division and finances. Contact us for a free introductory consultation at 858-451-1004 to start the process.


There are quite a few different variables that the client must be aware in regards to divorce. Length of marriage, property, bank notes, and many more factors are all very important issues with divorce. Click here to learn more.

Child Custody

The most important thing in child custody is the best interest of the child. Is the child’s safety jeopardized? Is the well-being of the child sustainable? These are all questions that are very important with child custody. Click here to read more about child custody

Child Support

The child has the right to be financially supported by both parents. There are very many complex issues in regards to child support that an expert can help guide you through the turmoil. Click here for more information.


The term Prenuptial agreement is a household term that the majority of married couples are familiar with, but how much do you actually know about pre-nups? Do you know the process? Did you know pre-nups do not have to be entirely financial? Click here to learn more.

We Take Your Family Concerns to Heart

What is important to you when trying to resolve legal matters involving your family? We think it is communication, commitment and the knowledge that you have an experienced family law attorney vigorously pursuing your goals. Steven Brian Davis is a family law attorney in San Diego, a parent, and one who is personally committed to helping you with all of your family law issues.

Once we have a firm grasp of your current situation and goals for the future, we create a plan that may include mediation, settlement or litigation. We then put your plan into action.

Our Approach to Success?

  • With divorce issues such as spousal maintenance (also referred to as spousal support or alimony), we leverage our years of experience and knowledge of California family laws to your advantage.
  • When your case involves your children, we protect the best interests of your child and address the affects custody, parenting time, child support or even paternity rights will have on them.
  • When your financial future is at stake, we can handle issues involving prenuptials, post-nuptials, alimony and even modifications of prior agreements.

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Based in Carmel Mountain Ranch, a North County Inland Corridor community of the city of San Diego, California, we have 30 years of experience helping hundreds of clients resolve sensitive and emotional legal issues. Call for a free introductory consultation with a trusted lawyer at 858-451-1004. We proudly serve Rancho Bernardo and surrounding communities.