Restaurant Food Poisoning Attorney In San Diego

Were you recently dining at any restaurant, cantina, or cafeteria and suddenly fell suspect to a foodborne sickness or food poisoning? If you or a loved one fell victim to any sort of foodborne illness, the expert food poisoning attorney Steven Brian Davis will fight for lost compensation that you have suffered as a result of the restaurants negligence.

In 2011 in the United States alone, there were more than 47.8 million cases of foodborne illnesses which resulted in 127,839 hospitalizations from both known pathogens as well as unknown pathogens[1]. If you happened to be one of the roughly 1 in 6 Americans that are affected by this illness every year, then a consultation with the food poisoning attorney of Steven Brian Davis should be the next step in the process.

How Contamination Occurs

Contamination can result from several different types of agents and improper food handling practices. It can be bacteria (salmonella, E. coli), employees not washing hands, improper storage of food, employees purposefully adding foreign substances into the food, negligence resulting from lack of proper food handling utensils/ improper training. Whatever the cause of the illness, the food poisoning attorneys are here to help.

Food Contamination can occur in both one star restaurants, five star restaurants and everywhere in between. If you feel like a restaurant contributed to your illness and you were hospitalized and/or missed work due to any restaurant employee’s negligence or possible ill willed attempt to harm you, then set up a consultation with Steven Brian Davis to discuss your options regarding food poisoning. These food poisoning attorneys have over twenty years of experience serving the city of San Diego that specialize in food poisoning litigation.

[1]Center of Disease Control

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