Fraudulent Recruiting Labor Code Sections 970 – 977 – Hiring Fraud

Fraudulent Recruiting

When an employer makes false promises to a potential employee which induce the person to come work for the employer, the employer has committed hiring fraud. This is especially true when the employee would not have accepted the job had he/she known the truth. This is distinguished from a traditional breach of contract which can also happen in an employment agreement context. Fraudulently inducing employment takes many forms and can have dire consequences for those victimized by it.


The common theme among all types of hiring fraud is that the employer makes promises that the employer has no intention of keeping. This can be verbal or written. Many employers make promises regarding compensation (salary, commissions, bonuses, etc.), the length of employment., or work conditions. Some employers even lie about whether a job position is even available.  This can lead to particularly devastating consequences. Some people uproot their family and move long distances only to discover that the employment is not what was represented. Whatever the case, if an employer makes promises he/she had no intention of keeping, and the employee relies on that promise in a way that they suffer damages, the employer exposes themselves to potential liability for hiring fraud. North County employment attorney Steven Brian Davis fights for victims of fraudulent inducement of employment. If you think you may have been been subject to such deceptive practices, contact Steven Brian Davis now.


Employment misrepresentation is distinguished from hiring fraud in that employment misrepresentation only needs a false statement. The false statement can be made recklessly or negligently. In hiring fraud, the statement must be accompanied by an intent to deceive. While fraud is more difficult to prove, it can result in higher damage amounts and rewards. Many employers try and assert that a traditional workers compensation claim is the better forum for such a dispute. Each case is unique and complex in their own way. If you were victimized by employment misrepresentation, contact Rancho Bernardo employment lawyer Steven A. Davis for a free, confidential evaluation of your claim.

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