San Diego County Lawyer Handling Child Support Disputes

Child Support Disputes

Understand Your Child Support Rights

Under California law, a child has the right to be financially supported by both parents. The formulas the courts use to determine the amount each parent is responsible for may be straightforward, but the process may not be.

Child Support in California

Whether you are married, divorced or single, the child’s health and welfare is the number one concern for all parties involved. According to the State of California, there is the potential for three components included in child support:

  • Monthly support payments
  • Medical insurance and a division of uninsured costs
  • Child care expenses

Child support that is not paid in a timely manner can mean serious consequences. As a fair and equitable attorney with your family’s needs in mind, attorney Steven Brian Davis will help find a way for both parties to stay on track.

Changing a Prior Child Support Agreement

When you or the other parent experiences a substantial change in circumstances or special needs arise involving the care of your child, then you may be able to modify the child support agreement in order to reflect those changes. Steven Brian Davis can help you pursue modifications to your child support agreement or represent you against unfair attempts by the other parent to seek a higher payment.

Let Us Help You Find Child Support Resolution

You do not want to be caught unprepared or misguided through the process of child support agreements. We handle all the details to settle child support disputes, and we do not represent more than one party so we are able to make your goals and concerns our number one priority.

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