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Landlord / Tenant Law

As many of you may know, dealing with difficult landlords can a very frustrating, draining experience. Many landlords cut as many corners as they can to make an extra buck. Furthermore, they take advantage of average peoples’ common propensity to misunderstand real estate law and often let their lazy side allow landlords to take unfair advantage of them. Landlords sometimes get called “slumlords” when their dwellings have especially bad living conditions. North County attorney Steven Brian Davis can help you as a tenant pursue possible legal claims against an unpleasant landlord who is giving you unwarranted stress and anxiety.

Issues Involving Bad Living Conditions

Many landlord/tenant issues arise with habitability concerns. This is especially common with substandard housing. Under California law, landlords are required to keep their rental properties safe and habitable. Specifically, this may include not providing:

  • adequate shelter and plumbing
  • adequate electricity or sewage
  • working smoke detectors
  • protection from insect or rodent infestation

Bad living conditions can result in physical health problems for tenants. To the extent that any tenant suffers physical injury from a place due to its poor conditions, the tenant may have a personal injury claim or negligence claim against the landlord. Many people are overwhelmed by the process of pursuing claims against a landlord who fails to provide suitable living conditions. Steven Brian Davis has been representing San Diego tenants for years against bad landlords. Contact him here for a free case evaluation.

Other Landlord/Tenant Issues an Experienced San Diego Real Estate Attorney Can Help With

In addition to bad living conditions, San Diego attorney Steven Brian Davis can help with numerous other problems that may arise when dealing with landlords, including:

  • Eviction/Unlawful Detainer actions
  • Early lease termination
  • Reviewing lease agreements
  • Collecting your security deposit back even though you’ve cleaned the premises upon moving out and they charged you for cleaning again anyway
  • Damage claims, nuisance claims, and personal injury claims

Whatever your  landlord/tenant problem may be, allow an experienced San Diego real estate attorney like Steven Brian Davis to help you through the process. Click here to get started with a free, confidential consultation to discuss your legal needs.