An Expert Homeowner, Life, and Car Insurance Attorney

Insurance Law

The Law Offices of Steven Brian Davis have served the community of North County, San Diego for over thirty years in a variety of fields, including as a car insurance attorney, homeowner’s insurance attorney, and a life insurance attorney. We understand that dealing with insurance companies can be stressful and time consuming, not to mention shrouded in regulations that are difficult to work through. Call us for a consultation and we will make sure your rights are being represented properly.


Auto Insurance (UM/UIM Liability)

When you get hit by an uninsured motorist (UM) or an underinsured motorist (UIM), it can seem like you have no options. However, in California insurance companies are required to include this type of coverage in your policy unless you specifically waive it in writing. Even if you do not draw on this type of coverage, you have the option to personally sue the uninsured motorist for the cost of damage and medical bills. A good car insurance attorney can negotiate with your insurance company or serve as your advocate in court, making sure that you receive the money you need to fix your car and pay medical bills that you shouldn’t have to be responsible for.

Homeowner’s Insurance (First and Third Party)

A first party homeowner’s insurance claim refers to claims made on behalf of your lost property, for example in the event of a fire or theft. A third party insurance claim, on the other hand, refers to claims made by others to your homeowner’s insurance. This can include others’ property damage (for example, if you child hits a ball through your neighbor’s window) or accidental injury on your property (for example, if a guest slips and falls in your shower). Whatever the claim, a good homeowner’s insurance attorney can advocate on your behalf. Experienced as both a car insurance attorney and a homeowner’s insurance attorney, the Law Offices of Steven Brian Davis have over 30 years of experience as an attorney in North County, San Diego and would gladly use that experience to your benefit.

Life Insurance, or Suing for Death Benefit

Recent news investigations have uncovered that major life insurance companies have been negligent in contacting the beneficiaries of life insurance policies. Even if insurance companies are reaching out, often the insured may have failed to inform their beneficiaries of all of the policies they have purchased. The Law Offices of Steven Brian Davis are equipped to do both the research and the work to make sure that you have received the life insurance money that your loved one left you. Especially when you have lost a family member, that type of work can be stressful. Let us be your advocates and we will make sure that your rights are properly represented.