An Expert Boat Accident Lawyer In San Diego County

Boating Accidents

San Diego is one of the major hubs of boating and recreational water sports in California and the United States. Due to the high popularity of these activities, along with the year round abundance of sunshine, people embark on the shores and bays of San Diego County to engage in a wide array of boating activities. The popularity of these activities leads to congestion of waterways and overcrowding of popular water areas, which can result in injuries to water enthusiasts. If you or a loved one were injured or killed during a boating activity, contacting the boat accident lawyers of Steven Brian Davis is your first step in seeking the restitution that you are entitled to.

There are three major types of boating accidents: collisions with other marine vessels, collisions with man-made objects (such as peers, bridges and jetties) and lastly, passengers falling overboard. Boating accidents can often be caused by negligence, the use of alcohol or dangerous water conditions. A boating accident lawyer is essential if some of the above listed circumstances are ever to occur. Contact a boating accident lawyer immediately if burn injury, brain injury, wrongful death, or any other form of personal injury occurs on the water.

In order to keep boaters safe the CDBW (California Division of  Boating and Waterways) has set regulations and laws in place. There are four major categories: Driving, Equipment, Horsepower and Maximum Weight. These categories contain guidelines and state regulations to keep Californians safe on the water.

Tips on Maximizing Safety while on the Water

  • Never operate any water vessel while under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Always follow safety recommendations and have plentiful amounts of safety jackets as well as proper medical equipment on boats.
  • Don’t push it! Ensure that the operator of the vessel is navigating the waters at a safe speed.
  • Avoid rough seas and weather by checking the weather forecast before embarking on any open water activities.
  • Have a plan established in case of an emergency, and fully explain what to do to all crew members in any emergency situation.

Although many boaters follow safety regulations, accidents are still common occurrences. If you or a loved one were injured, and you believe that you were not at fault the boat accident lawyers of Steven Brian Davis are here to help regain lost wages, medical bills, as well as any physical or mental hardships that have occurred as a result of the accident.

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