A Car Accident Lawyer In Poway Experienced In Tire Defects

Tire Defects

Drivers and car sales are at an all-time high, and with those high numbers tire defects are at a high as well. Tire defects are an unfortunate result of car production that has led to numerous personal injuries and wrongful deaths lawsuits over the past few decades. If you or a loved one were injured or killed due to a faulty tire, then contacting an experienced car accident lawyer in Poway is the first step in seeking the restitution that you are entitled to. Tire defects can occur in all types of motor vehicle accidents, including motorcycles and cars.

Precautions that can be Taken to Avoid Tire Failure

There are several checkups that need to be made regarding your tires to ensure that your tire is equipped for the road. It is mandatory to have your tires rotated, the tires need to be inflated to the correct tire pressure (that is stated in the user’s manual), and be sure to check your tire tread regularly. If you are able to see the head of Abraham Lincoln through the tread, then it is absolutely essential that you change those tires before an accident occurs. However, if all of these precautions are taken and your tires still failed then you are not to blame. The car accident lawyers in Poway, California are here to fight for the restitution that you are entitled to. A front or rear tire blowout can be potentially devastating, and have resulted in numerous accounts of serious injury as well as death. If you or a loved one were victimized by any sort of tire defects, and suffered as a result, then contacting the car accident lawyers for a short briefing should be your next step.

Tire Lawsuits Settlements

In 2000, more than fourteen million Firestone Tires were recalled as a result of safety concerns on several different models of Ford vehicles. The tires were poorly made which resulted in tread separation that led to vehicles overturning and hundreds of serious injuries and deaths. The plaintiffs in the trial were awarded hefty amounts of money for their hardships. If you were a victim of any sort of tire defects, then the car accident lawyers of Steven Davis will fight for the injuries and emotional stress that has been sustained.

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