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While you focus on healing, we can pursue compensation on your behalf for medical costs, lost wages and other losses occasioned by the fault of others. Contact the Law Offices of Steven Brian Davis, a personal injury attorney Rancho Bernardo, at 858-451-1004 to recover the damages to which you are entitled under the law, while you focus on getting better.

Steven Brian Davis has handled Personal Injury Cases in San Diego for over 35 years. Below are his personal Injury Practice Areas:

Personal Injury Practice Areas

In addition to obvious injuries, sometimes soft-tissue injuries are not immediately apparent. If you had a slip and fall accident or experienced whiplash in a car accident, you may not feel the physical effects of your injury for a couple days. Acquiring a reliable medical evaluation is your first call to action to uncover the extent of your injuries and full medical repercussions.

A personal attorney in Rancho Bernardo, Steven Brian Davis is experienced with all types of personal injury and death cases and has 35 + years of experience putting California law to good use for his clients. His direct yet compassionate approach lets you know that your welfare and future are his main concerns.

While you are recuperating from your injuries, we can begin building a strong case against the responsible parties. Call an attorney you can trust at 858-451-004 to launch the most effective claims case possible.

What Constitutes a Personal Injury Claim?

The typical personal injury case involves an individual or company acting negligently, namely not taking the necessary precautions to prevent an accident or injury from occurring. We handle a wide range of personal injury cases including:

Workplace injuries

If you are injured on the job, you have valuable rights from potentially multiple sources. You need to call the Law Offices of Steven Brian Davis For help. Click here to read more about job injuries.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Motor vehicles are capable of producing great bodily injury, and sometimes death. If you are there victim of a motor vehicle accident, call today at (858) 451-1004. Click here to read more about motor vehicle accidents and how you can get help.

Car Accidents

Car accidents are one of the more common motor vehicle accidents. Were you injured in a car accident in San Diego County? Click here to read more about your potential personal injury claim.

Motorcycle Accidents

If you are a motorcyclists involved in an accident, you most likely were not seen by the driver of the other vehicle, you probably suffered serious injury, and you need a lawyer. Find out more here

Boating Accidents

Significant recreation along our beautiful Mission and San Diego Bays leads to many boating accidents and serious injuries that require legal assistance.  Read more

Tire Defects

A vehicle collision often is the fault of one driver or the other. However, a defective tire can make operation of an involved vehicle so difficult that the tire or vehicle manufacturer may be at fault for the collision.  Read more here

Truck Accidents

Transporting goods on our roadways abound.  Collisions with these monster vehicles often is catastrophic.  If you are a victim of a trucking accident, click here to learn more

Assault and Battery

We all have the right to be free of bodily harm or the fear of it.  If you are a victim of violence, you need a lawyer.  Read more

Bicycle accidents

Bicyclists, likes motorcyclists, often will not be seen on the streets shared by automobiles, which makes for many bicycle victims, who will suffer serious and catastrophic injuries by the fault of inattentive vehicle drivers.  If you are an injured bicyclist, or the survivor of an injured bicyclist, click here to learn more

Brain Injury

The brain can be injured from a physical trauma, e.g.,  a fall, violent attack, collision, etc.  With evolving science and medicine we now know the consequence of brain injury can be permanent  and devastating.  Read more

Burn Injury

Burn injury victims can suffer catastrophic injuries including disfigurement and death. If you or a loved one has suffered a burn injury at the fault of another, you need help to obtain just compensation. Click here to read more.

Construction Accidents

Serious injury often accompanies construction accidents.  The relationship between the injured victim and the construction often complicates obtaining just compensation for the injuries.  Click to learn more

Wrongful Death

In California, we have a wrongful death and a survivor statute.  When someone at fault caused the death of a person, what damages are recoverable depends on the relationship to the person who lost his or her life.   Read more

Dog Bites

California law allows the dog bite victim to recover for their injury and damages.  If you are a dog bite victim, you need to know your rights and get help.  Read more

Spinal Chord Injury

These are serious and catastrophic injuries impacting major bodily function, including paralysis below the area of the spine injury.  For more info, click here

Government Liability

A governmental entity cannot be sued unless allowed by law, and only if certain procedures are first performed.  If you are a victim of a wrong committed by a governmental entity, having a lawyer to protect you is critical.  Read more

Product Defect

Many products are sold in the stream of commerce and where injury or damage is occasioned by such products that are defective, the injured  persons are entitled to compensated for  their losses.  Read more

Slip and Fall

Many sidewalks, premises and structures have dangerous conditions that cause people to fall to their injury, sometimes referred to as a Slip and Fall or a Trip and Fall. Fall victims often suffer serious injury. Click here to read more about slip and falls.

More Detail

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