An Experienced Start Up Lawyer To Make Your Service Agreements

Service Agreements

A service agreement lays out the terms between someone providing a service and the recipient of that service. When you’re starting up your new business, you’ll have several of these types of agreements, potentially including an information technology (IT) service, a document shredding service, a cleaning service for your office, a website administration service, and so on.

Alternatively, if your business is in the service sector, you will need to make tailored agreements for many of your clients. An experienced start up lawyer can draft these agreements for you and save your new business potentially costly litigation in the future.

The Law Offices of Steven Brian Davis have over 35 years of experience serving North County, San Diego as a start up lawyer. Our personalized focus is designed to make sure that your business succeeds and that you are not working for free. Service agreements are the cornerstone of your business as they determine how much you will get paid and for what job.

It is tempting, especially when money is tight at the start of your new business, to use online templates for these types of service agreements. Even when these documents claim to be customizable, they take a generalized approach to your business and can contain many holes for clients to challenge the service agreement. As a small business ourselves, the Law Offices of Steven Brian Davis are dedicated to protecting your interests. As such, we provide a range of small business services. This comprehensive approach ultimately will save you time and money, and give you peace of mind that things were done right in the founding of your business.

Having a dedicated, long-term start up lawyer benefits your business in many ways. In addition to creating service agreements, a start up lawyer can protect your small business against breach of contract when someone violates those agreements.

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