An Expert Boundary or Property Dispute Lawyer in San Diego

Boundary Disputes

Many people cherish the American dream of settling down — a nice house in a residential neighborhood in La Jolla, a trimmed front lawn, and a picket fence to boot. Friendly neighbors hosting barbeques where everyone on the block is invited. But what if that white picket fence is actually a few too far on your neighbor’s land? What if your neighbor has been continuously using your driveway to get to his or her driveway with your permission, and has been gradually exceeding that privilege over time? What was once a friendly, neighborly relationship can suddenly become contentious and stressful. Soon, you and your neighbor may be calling a property dispute lawyer in San Diego.

Boundary disputes can involve many types of legal issues, most notably adverse possession and easement by prescription. These legal doctrines have involve one person using another person’s land in some way without permission. Often, the use is so miniscule that the real owner of the land may not even notice for several years. When they inevitably discover the use by their neighbor, a dispute can arise. Attorney Steven Brian Davis, a skilled property dispute lawyer in San Diego, has dealt with boundary dispute issues for many years in the greater San Diego area. Contact him now for great professional legal advice on how best to resolve any boundary dispute you may have with your neighbors.

Preferably to any landowner, their land has been professionally surveyed with boundaries clearly marked and recorded. When they are not, however, legal disputes to parts of adjoining land can be hotly contested among adjoining landowners. If you live in the San Diego area and are in need of a property dispute lawyer in San Diego, contact the Law Offices of Steven Brian Davis for professional, efficient legal advice.