An Expert Attorney Well Versed in San Diego Bankruptcy Disclosures

Bankruptcy Disclosures

Choosing to file bankruptcy can be the only choice to repair your finances, but it is still overwhelming and confusing. The federal government requires that certain information is given to you, the client, so that while you are filing bankruptcy, you understand both the process and ramifications of bankruptcy.

Before pursuing any bankruptcy filing, individuals are required to seek debt counseling. This list of approved Credit Counseling Agencies can save you a long and difficult process. However, sometimes debt counseling is not enough to help your financial situation.

After choosing to pursue filing bankruptcy, a consultation with the Law Offices of Steven Brian Davis will help you to determine which type of bankruptcy is most appropriate for your situation.  In order to obtain the Order for Relief in Bankruptcy leading to the eventual discharge of your debt, the significant petition, schedules and other numerous papers must be filed on your behalf.  Those documents will include the disclosure of a lot of your information (not including your social security number), and that information will be public record.  Meeting the objective of your bankruptcy, and avoiding unnecessary disclosure of your otherwise private information, are two reasons why you should hire an attorney to handle your bankruptcy. get the help of an attorney to file your bankruptcy.  Given the San Diego bankruptcy disclosures, the attorneys at the Law Offices of Steven Brian Davis are quite adept at walking you through the difficult process of cataloguing the assets, debts and other information required for the bankruptcy.

Although the numerous bankruptcy disclosures may seem intrusive and unnecessary, the information allows the creditors who have a claim or interest to make an informed judgment about exercising  their rights accorded to them under the bankruptcy laws.

The attorneys at the Law Offices of Steven Brian Davis are well versed in the necessary San Diego bankruptcy disclosures.  Some debtors, unfortunately, attempt to prepare the bankruptcy papers on their own.  Apart from having a “fool for a client” acting in their own behalves, the debtor places upon him or herself unnecessary and additional stress.  For all these reasons, call the Law Offices of Steven Brian Davis to handle your bankruptcy.